This is THE mini course you need if you would like to be able to find more candidates and fill more jobs. The ROI is huge – proven tactics to implement immediately that will help you find more candidates today.


Get stuck into these modules and start to find the hidden talent that is there in plain sight.

Instantly find more candidates and fill more of the jobs you work

Apparently, there’s a shortage of candidates. It seems everyone is seeking to hire, and agencies have never been busier. Busy does not always equal significant increases in productivity.


Where are all the candidates?


They are out there.


Seriously, there are enough candidates out there for you to fill the jobs you’re working on.


The challenge is all about attention and engagement.

Join this mini course and you will be able to quickly:


– Make sure you are working on the right jobs. You don’t have to work on jobs just because clients want you to work on them.

– Discover what is getting in your way and how to act with certainty to get to talent quickly

– Use our three step process to increase response rates to your outreach work via email (through your database or to cold prospects), Linkedin (using invites and messages) and the phone (think better voicemails and conversations)

– Get cuter with your proactive work with the talent you find to increase the number of candidates you place (not just jobs you fill)

Lesson 1 - How good are your jobs?

Stop working on shit jobs. Honestly, we are in a market where candidate choice is high. I’ll share with you how to assess jobs effectively and how to get a client to improve the quality of their offering. Get access to the Job Score cards for Permanent and Contract jobs and watch your fill rate soar ever higher.

Lesson 2 - 3 Things Stopping You From Finding Good Candidates

The biggest barrier to you finding good candidates is probably you. Sort your headspace out and get in the game. This is a world where attention and engagement are the currency of winning the talent war. Stop getting in your own way and take note of the core messages in this lesson as you’ll soon become a talent magnet.

Lesson 3 - 3 Step Sequence to Double Your Linkedin Response

We have had so much positive feedback from recruiters about our 3 step sequence. Tenacity and tracking will help ensure you are getting an ever increasing response from your outreach work. Almost every recruiter says that the best quality of responses comes from the third message. It’s worth the investment just for this lesson.

Lesson 4 - Referrals

Everyone in recruitment thinks that they know how to ask for referrals. When you look at their results you’d think otherwise… The art of referral generation started to die out with the advent of job boards and even more with the rise of Linkedin. This is a referral based market and is the route to get access to people that none of your competitors are talking to. There is some powerful psychology shared that will help you to generate referrals immediately to fill your current jobs.

Lesson 5 - Maximising Second Place Candidates

So you filled the job. Now what happens? Who came second? Who else got shortlisted? Get the most out of your energy to generate candidates and get a better return. Follow the blueprint to market and place candidates and make double fees from the shortlists and candidate pools you generate. You’ll thank me for it.



We have two hours of bonus content:

– Building a Resourcing Plan

– Three Killer Candidate Scripts

– Preventing Dropouts, Ghosts and Counter Offers